With the purpose to design a game that breaks down a complex system, our card game easily breaks down the system of donating blood and matching your blood type in a more understandable way. In the gameplay, each player functions as a Hospital, unless it is their turn to act as the Blood Bank. There are two objectives users must meet to ultimately win the game: an individual goal of being the most efficient Hospital by making the highest number of Patient-Donor matches and the collective goal of distributing Donation blood before it expires, thus avoiding waste. At the beginning of a round, one player in the Blood Bank, while the rest serve as hospitals. Gameplay involves rolling a die and attempting to match the blood types in your hand to other blood types of the players around you (dictated by the given blood charts) in an accurate and efficient way.

Our design, consisting of two sets of cards, a timer, die, baggie, timer, stand, and a mockup box, is consistent in its branding across all forms. We wanted to convey a simple design to allow the user to relate it to blood donation, with more playful and enticing elements that relate back to being a game. Because our main goal is to educate our audience about blood donation, the blood chart and blood matches are accurate to tangible donations.

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